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My 3d dick was throbbing painfully as she tugged my jeans around my ankles. I could see a wet spot on my underwear as I watched her kneel down in front of me. “Just for you.” She stated as she delicately pulled my underwear down under my ball sack. My dick stood out inches from her pretty face. Slowly I watched my favorite teacher’s tongue come out to lick the head of my bobbing dick. Gently, she slid her lips around the head and I watched the shaft disappear into her mouth. Her hands were on my ass cheeks as I watched her blonde hair move back and forth across my length. I was in heaven. Never, in all my masturbatory fantasies, had I dreamed it might feel this good. I ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair and moaned lightly as she sucked on my excited dick. I didn’t last long, Daughter started sucking more rapidly and I felt my balls and abdomen tighten as hot loads of semen came spewing out of my pulsing dick. Daughter sucked it all down and smiled up at me. Oddly, she seemed self conscious as she asked “Was that ok?” I nodded dumbly that it was just fine.

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Mother told me she was ready. I climbed atop of her and she guided my dick into her sexy juicy cunt. It was soft and wet like her mouth but hotter. I slid easily into her and pressed the base of my dick to her as she ground against me. Looking in her eyes, I saw that she was as excited as me. With her legs wrapped around my waist, she helped me set a rhythm and I began to piston in and out of her dripping cunt as her hands rubbed up and down my arms. She moaned and thrashed her head from side to side as I sucked and nibbled on her pale freckled neck and collar bone. This lasted only seconds before I felt myself gushing my thick hot liquid into her. She pressed her cunt hard against me, rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone and I felt her body shudder beneath me and then relax. I pulled my dripping dick from her cunt and she immediately pulled her legs up over her shoulders. She was making sure every drop made it’s way up into her she told me. Now I didn’t know if that had any real value for her but it sure did for me. I watched in amazement as her cunt lips spread and her ass cheeks parted to reveal her pink hairless asshole. Enjoys my incest stories?

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Incest mom son! Mom put a hand on each of his knees and pushed them wide apart. His turn she said with a devilish grin. Son see that you are ready for son’s she said, as she was looking at his dick pulsate with anticipation. She moved back a little and bent over to put her face into his lap. She began to stroke his dick as she kissed the head. Then she started to lick, first the head and then down his shaft to his balls. Son could tell that she had plenty of experience.
Son had taken his clothes off and was now moving in behind Mom. His 8 inch dick was standing up straight and ready for action. Watching what Mom and son had been doing had really turned him on. Son pushed Mom’s legs apart with his feet and knelt down behind her. She was still dripping wet so he didn’t play around with her vary much. He rubbed his meat up and down over her cunt and came to a stop at the opening to her womanhood. Mom had been so wrapped up in sucking his dick that she hadn’t paid much attention to what Son was doing behind her. All of a sudden Son pushed his dick into Mom’s cunt and drove it all the way up to the base of his dick. Mom lunged forward and let out a grunt just before his dick hit the back of her perky mouth and went into her throat. She began to rock back and forth driving his dick in deep and then pulling it out to the edge of her lips. As she would rock in his direction son would meet her with a thrust of his own. She was vary good at sucking dick and soon son felt his balls start to tighten and the pressure build in his dick. Mom could feel his dick swell and his body tense…

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With that son rolled over and slid on top of me. As he did I gently pulled my teddy up and spread my legs, allowing him to lay in-between them. I started to run my fingers through his hair and down over his neck. I could feel his huge dick pressing against my hairy mound, it felt so big and hard. His robe was the only thing between his strong rod and my naked cunt. “Son up for a minute, the knot in your robe is hurting me,” I said! As he raised up I reached down and untied his robe and slid it open. Then I motioned for him to lay back down on top of me. I felt his dick touching my wet mound and it sent a wave of electricity surging though my sexy body. I ran my hands up under his robe and lightly started to rub my hands up and down his ass. At the same time I ran my foot up and down the calf of his hairy leg. Son’s huge dick began to throb against me as I continued to entice him. The love juices from my wet cunt were flowing like mad. I just had to have that huge dick of his deep inside of me … click here!

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Mom start by sucking your nipples. You feel her hair on your chest and moan a bit, but don’t wake up. That’s alright. Mom kiss your torse gently with her perky lips, trying not to put her hands on you. She lick the skin on your hip and kiss you some more toward your ass. And there it is, what made mom cum just a few minutes ago without touching she. The object of mom’s desire. Your dick. There was a little bit of wood going on. But you still weren’t awake. Mom start her breathing on your horny balls with her sweet breath. She so softly slide her tongue over the fresh skin that encases them. She start licking them with her perky tongue making a substantial juicy spot.

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Don’t miss your opportunity of watching father daughter incest in this 3d incest video today. Virgin baby knows that her father has a big cock and would love to taste its milk. How her horny daddy can resist her? He takes her head and rams his hard dick into hot mouth right away. Cum hungry teen girl munches it and swallows deeper and deeper as wanna milk his cock until nuts are drained. After deepthroating horny father spreads daughter’s legs and fucks her right on the hard floor. It looks passionate female still wanna hard fucking as she bends over and gets fucked in doggy style. Witness how this young bitch gets what she wants in this hardcore father daughter incest story.

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