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I was just about done with High School, and while I was a good student, I didn”t have many friends because I wasn”t a slut. I wanted to wait, until I met the right guy, Mr. Right, and have he and I be each other”s first.
The problem is, I got really horny a lot. I masturbated frequently and fantasized about movie stars, singers, and athletes, especially hot hockey players. As school wound down, I didn”t think I could hold out much longer, I was thinking about sex all the time, I really wanted to have my first cock, but who? If I gave it up to one of the jocks at school, they”d squeal for sure, and all the bitches that I didn”t like would talk, too. I wanted to keep my reputation as a nice girl because I didn”t want to embarrass my father and mother. You see, Daddy had played pro hockey for many years, and was considered a great man in our city, and I didn”t want to disappoint him.
Sometimes though, the solution is right in front of us and we just don”t see it.

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I came home one Friday afternoon to find Dad putting on his best suit, and he usually didn”t dress up very often.
“What”s with the suit Dad? Going to a party?”
“No, the team called and the regular radio guy can”t make the game and it”s the playoffs, they need me.”
He sometimes did the radio broadcasts for his old team.
“Worse yet, it”s a road game, and I can”t get in touch with your mother to go with me.”
“So go by yourself, I know we”ll be listening tonight! Nothing like hearing the best player we ever had calling a game.”
“Aww, you”re sweet, but it”s nice to get out of town, go out to a fancy dinner after the game, stay in a big hotel, and all that. Your mother and I usually have a lot of fun on road games.”
“You tried her cell?”
“No luck, I tried her office, no luck.”
“You tried IM?”
“I don”t know that stuff, honey, you do, but I”m an old guy.”
“Let me see, yep, there”s Mom”s screen name, she”s proabably really busy and not responding to her cell. Here…let me, there! I sent her a message telling her to call you ASAP!”
The phone rang less than a minute later.
“Hey, honey, when will you be home? They need me at the game in LA tonight! What? No, say it ain”t so! No chance? Well, okay, then have fun at your meeting to-…what? I could, I don”t know, let me ask her!”
“Hey sweety! Do you want to go to the game with me? You can sit in the press box with me, thne we”ll go and have a good time in LA afterwards, then we”ll fly back tomorrow afternoon? Sounds good?”
“Yeah! I”d love to go with oyu,, let me pack!”
I ran upstairs to get some stuff together and left Dad explaining the details to Mom.

Let”s see, two pairs of stockings, two set of panties, two bras, jeans and a t-shirt for traveling, and another comfortable set of clothes for coming home, got it! It took me less than five minutes and I ran downstairs.
“Wow, how come you can”t get ready for school that fast?”
“Um, a game”s more fun that school?”
“You bet, sweety!” he hugged me and we waited for the taxi to take us to the airport.
The flight was quick, and off we went in the bus to the hotel. The players checked in and immediately got back on the bus for an afternoon skate, while Dad and I and the rest of the off-ice people relaxed.
We got up to our room, and found that they didn”t know he was bringing me, so he”d only gotten one bed.
“Well, I”ll sleep on the floor, it”s no big deal.”
“Dad, you retired because of your back, nothing doing, I”ll take the floor.”
“How about we argue over it later and go get a quick bite?”

“Good idea!”
There was a great place down the street from the hotel that was pretty casual and got a table. We looked over the menu and ordered quickly, and Dad ordered two glasses of wine.
“Two glasses?”
“One for me, one for you.”
“Dad!” I whispered, “I”m only 18!”
“And I used to spend big money here whenever we played LA, no one”s going to say a word, trust me.”
We sat and had a nice time, and another glass of wine each and then he asked me about any guys in my life.
“There aren”t any Dad.”
“Why not, you”re a pretty girl, you”re smart, you”re funny, and if it doesn”t sound too weird from your old man, you”ve got a pretty nice body, too. The guys should be all over you.”
“Well, they”re not, so I”m not too worried, I”ll meet some nice guys in college.”
“Probably, lets”s get back to the hotel and change and go watch them kick LA”s ass!”
While I changed, I couldn”t help but think of what Dad had said, I had a nice body? Wow. Then I started to think that of all the boys that had asked me out, I told them no because….they weren”t as good as my dad was. He was the standard I held them up against, and they all fell short. Dad had been my hero, he had held me in his arms on the ice when they won the Stanley Cup, and he was still my hero. No, none of those guys could compare. I just had to masturbate, and thoughts of Dad filled my head while my fingers rubbed my pussy and clit. I dreamed of his cock being my first, filling my wet pussy with it while he pumped me full of hot come. Ooh….it felt good, and I squealed when I came, only to find Dad standing there watching me.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry! I forgot we only had the one room!”
“It”s okay, baby, really, it”s OK.” but I noticed he had a monster erection when he said it.

The game was great, and we won easily. We had a lovely dinner and were just enjoying the evening, when Dad asked me if I wanted to go into the club with him. I reminded him I was 18, but he said it wouldn”t be a problem. He held out his arm and escorted me into the club like I was a queen, and it was fun. He got some champagne, and I had the best looking guy of any woman in there. I asked him to dance, and he kind of shyly accepted and led me onto the floor, we were both pretty good dancers, and the music was good, and then they went into a real slow song, a more romantic song, and I just put my arms around his neck like the other women did.
“You know you”re every bit as beautiful as any woman in this place, probably better?”
“Aww…thank you! You”re still the most handsome guy in the room., too you know.” I kept my arms around him and they played several slow songs, and now…, my pussy was itching. I couldn”t help myself, Dad was a sexy guy, in great shape, with that salt and pepper hair, and the muscles that made him a great player were still looking good. Mom was seriously lucky to have him. If I had him, why I”d never miss a chance like this to…dance with him, be in his arms, and then I started to think of other thoughts, and I couldn”t resist, I pulled his head down and kissed him full on the lips. I thought he would pull back, but he didn”t. He not only stayed, but he responded!
We kissed for a few moments more and then I said it was time to get some sleep, and took his hand and led him to the elevator.
On the way up to our room, I kissed him again, and tried a little tongue, and he kissed me so intensely that I almost came right there! We got off the elevator and headed in to our room, where I realized that we still only had one bed. I didn”t know if he was maybe a little drunk, but I wanted to see how far he”d go, because if I was going to have my cherry popped, I wanted it to be the best man I knew. I pushed him backwards on to the bed, and lay down on top of him and started kissing him again, but he pushed me back.
“We shouldn”t do this…”

His saying it made me realize that it might not be a good idea, but my pussy was begging for it…
“Daddy, I love you and the reason I can”t get any good guys is because you”re the best man I”ve ever met. Please be my first, teach me, love me, please?”
“I suppose you should know something. Your mother and I are about finished. The second you”re off to school, we”ll get divorced. It”s been a marriage in name only for the last year. I”m sorry, I didn”t want to tell you this way.”
“So you two haven”t…uh…had sex in over a year?”
“It”s closer to two.”
“So you need it, and I want it, we love each other, let”s show each other how much we do….it”ll be so good…please?”
He looked at me, smiled and said, “Well you are pretty gorgeous…let me see how sexy you really are!”

He kissed me deeply, and I felt his tongue exploring me, and I loved it…we switched positions and he kissed me hungrily, and he started caressing my tits through my dress, and he stood up to pull of his jacket and shirt, and oh my, his muscular chest was soo handsome and I kissed him all over it, so I pushed him onto his back and straddled him, kissing all over him and then I undid his pants, and his huge cock slid out and it was amazingly hard, it looked to be at least 7 or 8 inches.
“Do you know what to do with one?” he asked.
I put it in my mouth and sucked it, I didn”t know how, but I just wanted it so bad, I slurped and licked and sucked up and down his rock hard tool, and his moans told me I wasn”t doing bad, his pre-cum kept dripping, and I loved every salty drop as I sucked it up and then he began to quiver, and start to buck a little.
“Oh, Daddy, are you ready to come in my mouth? You want to, don”t you?”
“Oh god. yes I do, it feels so good fucking your mouth!”
“Then you just let it go, fill my mouth and I”ll swallow every bit of it!” I slurped down again and he started to breath really hard, and I doubled my efforts, I wanted him to think my mouth was better than any woman”s that he”d ever had!

He let out a yell and exploded into my mouth, just a huge spurt of come and I loved it, I was getting hotter and hotter while I sucked him and I understood why some girls loved giving head! I sucked him until he stopped spurting and reached down and started fingering my pussy with my other hand, and it was so hot, I just licked up every bit of come, I loved the taste of it! I”d gagged a little, but I had swallowed every drop. I came up and kissed him again and he was licking it from my mouth!
“Was that okay, Daddy? Did you come good?”
“I came…GREAT! You are so sexy and you have a sweet mouth, too, but now we”re gonna see how sweet your pussy is!”
He flipped me over onto my back and started kissing me passionately, and he pulled down my dress to see my 34 B”s, and I said they weren”t that big, but he said they were perfect and he started to suck and lick them, he paid a lot of attnetion to my nipples and I loved it, I”d squirt a little bit as he went, and he slowly worked his way down, and he pulled off my dress and pulled my panties and stockings off, and I lay there naked in the moonlight….”Am I pretty? Am I beautiful?”
“Oh baby, you”re amazing, you are soo sexy…and I”m gonna lick every part of your beautiful body until you come!”

He started by kissing my belly button, and then he worked his way down as he licked and kissed me until he reached my pussy lips, and he took my whole pussy and sucked it, it felt so good, so hot and I knew I was dripping wet! He then started to flick his tongue in and out of my pussy, and then he”d suck on my clit while fingering me, and it felt so good, I knew I was going to have an incredible orgasm and I started to come, I didn”t want to just then, but I couldn”t control myself, his tongue was driving me med and I screamed as my orgasm let loose, and I knew I had soaked him with my pussy juices, but I only heard him grunting with pleasure as he continued to lick and suck my lips and my clit, and I started to arch my back as another orgasm flooded my body with pleasure! He pulled his face up with a huge smile on and pulled up to kiss me again, “so how was your orgasm?”
“Ooooh Daddy…that was incredible, I didn”t think I could come like that, I”ve never done it with my fingers before.”
“That”s why you want a guy that knows what he”s doing….”
“Oooohhh and you do, you know soo good how to make me come!”
He gave me an evil grin and said, “We”re not done yet, baby….”
I was nervous, licking was fine, but he was hard as a rock again.
“Will it hurt?”
“Just for a second sweetie, just for a second…”

Then I felt the head of it in me, and it was just right, but he pushed it until it hit my hymen, and he stopped, “Here it goes, baby, your first cock!” and he pulled back and slammed it into me and I let out a scream. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time, and he drove it all the way into me, and held me close, kissed me and said “Now I”m gonna teach you what being a woman is all about!”
He started pumping slowly, and it stll hurt a bit, but it was feeling better every second, and he started to build up speed, and started thrusting harder and harder, and I knew it wasn”t getting all of it, because my pussy was too small for all of his cock, but it felt so good getting pounded by this sexy, gorgeous man that loved me so much! Then he stopped, and told me to get on all fours, and I did, thenhe slid his cick into my soaking wet pussy and started pounding again, and he was really hammering me hard and I was loving it! I started getting all hot and I knew I was going to come again, and I wanted us to come together! He was thrusting the way he had earlier and I was almost there!
“Please, fuck me harder, I”m almost coming Daddy! Fuck me harder! Fuck me as hard as you can!! Aaaahhhhhaaahhhhhhhhaaiiiiee! I exploded again and he was still ramming his cock into me, and then he let out a yell and I felt him coming in me! He pumped me a couple more times, slamming my pussy to get the last few drops of come out of him, and we collapsed together in each others arms. We made sweet passionate love several more times that weekend, and then he and Mom spit up for good. She went to another city and I went to school acorss the country. Except Mom doesn”t know that I dumped my contacts and started wearing glasses, and I dyed my hair brown, and nobody knows who I am when I meet him after a game, I”m just his hot girlfriend.

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